Lake Victoria South

The Ukwala- Ugunja- Sega Water and Sanitation project is geared towards serving 80,000 people by the year 2040. The project is under construction by the Zhongmei Engineering group limited. The water project was designed to produce 8,400,000 liters per day while operating at 20 hours by the year 2040. This project has been seen through by Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency which was in the new water ACT 2016.This water project is to improve the lives of people around the area and also to ensure that the people receive clean and reliable water source.

The project will harness its water from Nzoia River, directly to Kager Water Treatment Plant. Thereafter, the construction work will have a treatment works which will potentially reduce the production costs. The scheme Will also be fitted with a pumping system powered by hydro turbines which will help save energy and significantly reduce production cost for SIBOWASCO. The project has faced a few challenges but with a joint work force, it is still up and running.

 Finally, the project will include construction of 120m long and 2.85m high concrete weir across Nzoia River and laying of 400m steel raw water main to Kager Water Treatment Plant; a Raw Water Gravity Canal consisting of a gravel trap which will convey the water by gravity to the fore bay. From the fore bay, penstock will feed the turbines which will generate hydro – energy to pump the clear water to the Madungu reservoir tank located 11.6 km away. At the same time 400m long raw water pipe will feed the Kager Treatment Plant. The Treatment Works will include construction of three streams 8,400,000 liters per day water treatment plant with two hydro-turbines for pumping of treated water to minimize on operational costs.

The project will have three Reservoirs 500,000 liters each at 15m high elevated steel tank at Madungu. One 1,500,000 liters ground reservoir at Got Osimbo, 300,000 liters and 10m high elevated steel tank at Yenga, 300,000 liters and 10m high elevated steel tank each at Sega and 500,000 liters with 15m high elevated steel tank each at Ligega.

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