Lake Victoria South

The Government of Kenya through Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency has implemented Uluthe Water Project at a total cost of KShs. 8,259,282.70 to supply clean, affordable and sustainable portable water to over 1,000 residents in the area.

Uluthe Water Project is located at Uluthe dispensary, Mungao sub location, East Uholo location, Ugunja Sub County. This project was initiated to supply water to Uluthe Dispensary and the surrounding community who before this project got water from a borehole equipped with a hand pump. 

Works of the project was done by three different contractors namely Upwork Enterprises, Positive Specs Limited and Russly Investments. The construction works included construction of a borehole protection chamber, masonry tank of 25,000 litres capacity, fencing of the borehole and solar structure, water kiosk with a 5,000 litres storage tank and water points at the dispensary.

Furthermore there was demobilization of the existing hand pump, installation of a solar powered submersible pump able to pump 6,000 litres per hour. This amount of water is able to serve a big number of people and is economically viable since the pumping is done using solar energy which is a renewable source of energy cutting on the cost.

To improve on the efficiency of the project, training was done to the Project Management Committee members by Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency staff. They were trained on how to manage, maintain and operate the project. It is expected that the project will be self-sustaining through the collection of fees at water kiosks and other methods as decided by the committee members. The fees are expected to cater for the repair works and committee allowances.

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