Lake Victoria South

 Isibania Water Supply Project Complete and Operational
The Isibania Water Supply project was implemented by Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency (LVSWWDA) to provide clean and reliable water in Isibania, Migori County. The project targeted a population of 60,000 residents who are now able to drink and use clean water without hesitation. The people have come into terms with the water project hence leading a healthy living as a result of clean and reliable water. The project was financed by the African Development Bank through a grant to East African Community for the Isibania town at an approximate cost of Ksh 380 million. It was a remedy to   improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation services within the lake basin region at the same time addressing the problems of pollution of Lake Victoria through implementation of water supply and sanitation interventions in the town. The completion and launching has given the people hope of a good life and a promise to a bright and promising future. The main components of the project includes;- Construction of intake works from river  Hibwa and raw water main to the treatment plant, Construction of 1no. 3000,000 liters/day water treatment plant, 500,000 liters of clear water tank and  150,000 liters elevated steel back-wash tank, pumping house and installation of  submersible pumps, Surface pumps, Construction of a 9.6km  rising main, 1000,000 liters RC and  50,00o liters of clean water storage tanks, Laying of distribution pipelines up to 17.8km of varied sizes and installation of  bulk meters. The project also encompassed the Construction of Landfill and Sludge Drying Bed for Isibania Town and the scope of works entailed Construction of Sanitary landfill and fecal sludge drying treatment plant. The landfill construction was completed though sludge drying bed but was delayed due to late land acquisition.
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