Lake Victoria South

Patients visiting Igena Itambe Dispensary in West Mugirango Constituency and the community at large will now get access to sufficient, clean, affordable and sustainable portable water supply thanks to Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency.

The facility which receives approximately 50 persons per day has been facing acute water shortages due to unsteady and unsustainable water supply making the dispensary not deliver services adequately. 

The project was financed by the Government of Kenya at a total cost of KES. 5,954,045.00. and implemented by Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency and the Construction works were undertaken by Donix Enterprises Limited. 

The project involved drilling at a cost of KES. 2,657,970.00 and equipping that was done at a cost of KES. 3, 296,075.00. The construction and equipping works included a Power house, Borehole structure, Borehole protection chamber, installation of 10,000 litres plastic tank on an elevated 9 meters steel tower, water kiosk and water points 

The drilled borehole has a depth of 230 meters project and has a capability of yielding 2,050 litres of water in one hour using solar power after the installation of the solar panels.

The project’s main objective is to primarily serve Igena Itambe Dispensary by improving water supply within the dispensary and the environs to meet future water demand. This will contribute to the overall development goal of improving health and supporting enhancement of water supply in the dispensary.

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