Lake Victoria South


Homa bay County now boasts of additional water following the commissioning of a new project.

African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development Rt. Hon Raila Odinga together with Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Sicily Kariuki (Mrs), EGH and Belgium Ambassador to Kenya Mr. Peter Maddens today commissioned Homa Bay cluster Water Supply Project.

The construction works of this project commenced in September 2019 and was substantially completed by December 2021. The Project was financed by the Government of Kenya through the support of the Belgium Government at a cost of KES 1.1 Billion.

The project was implemented by Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency (LVSWWDA).

The main objective of the project is to improve the quantity, quality and affordability of water services in Homa Bay and Rodi-Kopany.

It will benefit a total of 116,300 people by the year 2032 through provision of 8,500m3/day of clean portable water to Homa Bay town and Rodi- Kopany.

Works at Homa Bay town entailed rehabilitation of intake works at the lake and water treatment plant at Got Asego from 1,200m³/day to 4,000 m³/day, construction of new water treatment plant of capacity 4,800m3/day at Shauri Yako, Supply and installation of 10No new pumps, laying 10.88Kms water pipelines and construction of sludge lagoon to prevent direct discharge of sludge into the lake.

Works at Rodi Kopany entailed drilling; equipping and installation of two new boreholes of total capacity 30m3/hr with solar powered submersible pumps, pump house, control panel, pipes, meters and valves.

It will increase affordability of water provision through a (0.4MW) sustainable solar energy system that has been installed to ensure up to 80% of the energy.

Through this project, LVSWWDA has enhanced capacity of HOMAWASCO and County Government staff through training on pump operations, water quality management pipeline design and maintenance, water supply management and customer care and provision of equipment.

The first system done in 1956 had a supply capacity of 1,500m3/day. To meet the rising water demand, the then Ministry of Water Development constructed a new water supply system in 1987 with a capacity of 2000m3/day.

By 2012, the population in Homa Bay Municipality increased from 38,000 to 66,000 people. The water demand was 6,600m3/day against a current supply of 1,500m3/day.

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