Lake Victoria South

Atemo Water Supply Project is located in Atemo sub-location, Kabondo Kasipul Sub-County in Homabay County. The project was financed by Government of Kenya and implemented by LVSWWDA. It was initiated to supply water to Atemo Primary and Secondary Schools, God Agak Primary Secondary Schools and the community around the school and Kirongo Centre. The project aims to supply clean, affordable and sustainable portable water to serve 10,000 people within Kabondo Kasipul Sub County. God Agak Primary School has 500 students. The school had no running water source before the implementation of the project and was largely depending on rainwater harvesting. The residents around were entirely depending on rainwater harvesting.

The project was undertaken in a single phase, the scope of the works comprised of rising main water pipeline from Atemo water intake to God Agak Primary School. Distribution networks which will include a return line to Atemo Primary School to serve the residents within the intake area and another distribution line of similar pipe type, class and size to serve the residents living within God Agak primary school area, construction of a 50,000 Litre masonry water tank at God Agak Primary School which will act as a main water storage tank, Construction of 3 water kiosks including Atemo Primary School, God Agak Primary School and at a centre located approximately 1.4 km from God Agak Primary School to ensure easy access to clean water. 

The Project is expected to serve over 10,000 people in Kabondo Kasipul Constituency, Homabay County. Currently the project is being managed, maintained and operated by Homabay Water and Sanitation Water Sanitation Company.

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